The Fragrant Forest
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Be My Thrill - Raydor/Provenza (scorey5001)

Having an unpopular OTP is one of the most difficult parts of fandom.  Fortunately, how perfect these two are for each other really helps ease the pain.

As always, thanks to Possum for the excellent beta

This is adorable. The editing was just perfect, and the cute factor was through the roof :-)






Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

When he says “really” ;’)

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my heart is not okay.. I’m about to cry

I cried already.

Title: Forging Final Ties
Rating: M Word
Count: 3600 
Summary: Early thunder comes to Caprica City as bikes and bikers of every stripe gather for the big Armistice Day Rally. Some come for the carnival atmosphere and hell-raising. Some come for one last walk on the decks of a legend, and memories of glory days.

It felt good to think about something other than death and destruction for a change. Laura could come close to believing that this was all she had to do, making choices from lists, writing notes, gathering names. She stretched out on her stomach, shoving a few piles of papers out of her way, and rested her head on her folded arms. The quilt on their bed was soft and warm, and smelled of the sunshine that had streamed through their open bedroom window all day. Maybe just a quick nap…

Meta Meta


A/N: Just a silly little thing I wrote to soothe the irritation that is currently rocking our fandom. No pairings! I hope you enjoy. :-)

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I love looking at pics of Mary McDonnell, too (even though I don’t get the illusion sleeves on the red lace dress in the current pic going around) and I get the cropping out of people that aren’t MM. But dubbing them useless, when they’ve done more for peace and crisis resolution that I certainly have lately, bothers me and makes me sad for them. 







Awesome chart- thanks for making this!

This week’s episode was the 3rd most-watched episode of Major Crimes ever, behind only the series premiere and episode 102! The growth this season has been fantastic, in both overall viewers, and the 18-49 demographic,…

Lying? I?